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What does the word "Horoscope" mean?


        Horoscope comes from the greek word "oroskÚpos" (he who looks at the time or gives the time).
It is made of two words "Úra" (time, season) and "skÚpeo" (looking, observing). Horoscope is the
 zodiac sign that rose at the horizon at the time of birth.
        With the word Horoscope it is meant the natal chart.
At the time of birth the stars were in a certain
 position in a certain zodiac sign, making either armonius or discordant. The Risign Sign determines
the First House, and every house has a particular meaning.


                                           First House: Life, Personality, Character, constitution.
                                          Second House: Belongings, Earnings Money.
                                           Third House: Followers, Short trips, Relatives, Studies.
                                           Fourth House: The Home, Family of Origin, The last part of one's life.
                                           Fifth House: Love, Children, Enterteinment, Creativity.
              Sixth House
: Health, Work and Everyday Life.
                                           Seventh House: Marriage, Associations, Contracts.
                                           Eighth House: Death, Heredity, Secrets, Sex.
                                           Ninth House: Foreign Countries, Long Trips, Religion, Studies.
                                           Tenth House: Career, Rise to the Top, Success.
                                           Eleventh House
: Balancing, Friendships, Projects, Hopes.
                                           Twelfth Casa: Enemies, Sickness e Difficulties.




Numerolgy (Interpretation of the numers found from the first
and last name, and the date of birth).
Onomancy (Analisys of the letters from the first and last name).
(Reading of the Astrological Tarots).

Via Rossini 37/A 10015 Ivrea (TO)
Tel. 0125 631175 - Cell. 347 0417409 

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He who knows others is smart,
but he who knows himself is wise.

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